PGR Data Migration Project

Thank you to all of the States (and individuals) that donated to this project. We had a goal of $20,000 and you folks exceeded that with $24,415!

We expect the project to begin in January of 2019, and plan on it being completed in the first quarter.

Fellow Captains:

The task before us is to convert all our vBulletin formatted content (in essence, our history), which includes but is not limited to mission posts and forums to a WordPress format and put in place additional resources that will significantly enhance the speed of search functions. Additionally, after receiving feedback from several of you our secondary goal is to create (somewhat) the “feel” of our previous vBulletin forum-based website while utilizing current WordPress technology. Additionally, the project will provide SC’s full fledged member search capabilities as well as the ability to search the content of our old website, which, in its current format is unavailable to us. The plan also includes transferring our website hosting to a WordPress optimized hosting company which will enhance both reliability and performance.

To provide you a sense of the scope of the task before us we have approximately 3,000,000 (yup, 3 million) forum and mission files to transfer. A sizable undertaking whose intent is to preserve, for present and future generations of PGR members, the history of the PGR. Considering the scope of the task before us it is a project that will require professional help to accomplish. The VP of Operations, Herb Parsons and his team have shopped the job and determined it will cost us approximately $17,000. At this point you may be asking yourself “why are they sharing this with me”, valid question. Cutting to the chase, PGR National does not have the financial resources to accomplish this task alone, thus we’re seeking your help to bring this much needed project to fruition.

To adequately fund the project we’re asking each state to donate $400.00 (or more if you’re able) towards accomplishment of this project, the math is very simple, $400.00 X 50 states = $20,000.00.

Funds donated under the guise of supporting the transfer of our noble history will be placed in an account earmarked specifically for this project. Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to accomplish this project within 90 days, if we’re successful the conversion process will commence immediately. Should donations exceed the cost of the project the remaining funds will be left in the “IT” (Information Technology) account for future “IT” expenses. If we should fall short of our goal the funds donated will remain in our “IT” account earmarked specifically for the vBulletin transfer project until we have adequate funding to complete the project.

Should you have questions please reach out to one of the following PGR National BoD members:

David Noble

Bob Dorey