SBE Vest Program

Unfortunately, we missed our goal of $3000, but we were able to raise $1530, and the Florida Patriot Guard Riders came through like champs on the program. Every child that wanted a vest got one. We will be continue to support Snowball Express in 2019.

Snowball Express is an annual event that brings hope and new happy memories to the children of fallen military heroes. The Patriot Guard Riders has partnered with Snowball Express, and actively participates in the event each year.

The Patriot Guard Riders vest program provides a leather “Biker in Training” vest to the children that attend. If you decide to contribute, you can do so at three different levels:

  • A patch kit ($5.00) – This includes a state patch (this year will be Florida), the Snowball Express patch along with the 2018 rocker, the child’s name or “ridename, the American flag patch, and a small patch on the back that with “Biker in Training”. In addition, each chooses 2 military patches representing their fallen family member.
  • Basic Vest ($10.00) – This level donation purchases a vest so our sewing team can add the patches.
  • A Full Vest with Patches ($15.00) – This level donation purchases a vest with all of the patches. The smiles on their faces are an added bonus.

This year’s goal is to add an additional 200 vests to the program for children new to Snowball Express, a total campaign of $3,000.