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About the PGR

Founded in 2005 to shield families of fallen heroes from those that would disrupt the services of their loved ones, the Patriot Guard Riders has grown to include thousands of members across all 50 states in the US. We are a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) organization.

As our membership has grown, so has the scope of our mission. We also honor first responders as well as our military veterans. Additionally we have an active Help On The Homefront (HOTH) program, which provides assistance to our veterans and their families.

What We Do

Riding With Respect

It is an honor and privilege for the Patriot Guard Riders to ride to honor the families of our fallen military veterans and first responders.

Standing for Those
Who Stood for Us

It is our honor to stand in respect for the families of those active military, veterans, and first responders who stood for us, and for our country.

Help On The Homefront

The Patriot Guard Riders regularly assist veteran’s and their families through our Help on the Homefront (HOTH) programs.


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See below that was sent to subscribed members via email re Temporary Store Closure—

Temporary Store Closure
Fellow Patriots:

This email is to inform you that the PGR National store fulfillment company, Fast Color Print Inc. (FC), will close its doors effective 12-16-23. While receiving FC’s closure notice was a bit of a surprise, we weren’t shocked by it. The PGR and FC have a long history of working together to fulfill the PGR-branded gear needs of countless PGR members. The PGR National BoD appreciates FC’s support of the PGR mission, and we extend to the entire FC staff our wishes for the best of good health and happiness as our relationship with FC comes to a close. 

In anticipation of FC’s closure, the PGR National BoD has been exploring store fulfillment companies. Considering the magnitude of transitioning to another store fulfillment company, unfortunately the PGR National store will be closed briefly during the transition to the new fulfillment company. We want you to know that every effort will be made to keep the store closure as brief as possible.

With the transition to a new fulfillment company, some PGR-branded merchandise will no longer be offered. Conversely, we anticipate many more PGR-branded items becoming available with the new fulfillment company, more than offsetting the number of things that will be discontinued. The PGR National BoD is excited about the opportunity to transition to a new fulfillment company. We anticipate a higher degree of satisfaction considering the diversity of merchandise that will be available, the level of customer service, and the quality of the products offered.

We understand that change is not always easy or comfortable; please indulge all the members working diligently on the fulfillment company transition with your patience and kindness. Also, please bear in mind ALL of us are volunteers who give freely of the most precious commodity we own: our time.

We would like to clearly state that the transition to a new PGR National store fulfillment company in NO way should be construed as a negative. The PGR National BoD is excited about the vibrant future of the PGR!

Please know that ALL you do in support of our nation’s active-duty military members, veterans, home front first responders, and the mission of the PGR is valued and appreciated beyond description, THANK YOU! 

The Patriot Guard Riders National Board of Directors

"I Support the PGR" Donor Campaign

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"I Support the PGR" campaign

joanne rhodes

October 6, 2020

I appreciate what you are doing.

Ursula Ford

August 31, 2020

Just want to thank the PGR for their tribute to my father, Earl W. Hatcher Jr.. It was touching and much appreciated.

Tanya ODonohue

March 9, 2020

In memoriam of my Grandfather, Robert Edwin "Ed" Branton; and in Honor of the Arkansas Patriot Guard Riders. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring this wonderful man in such a beautiful manner.