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State Pages Change

We’ve made a change in the way our individual state pages are structured on the national PGR website. Now, to access an individual state page, just add / and the 2 letter state abbreviation to the URL (or even As an example, Alaska would be (or just

On the downside, this will mean that if you’ve saved a shortcut to your state page, you will need to modify the shortcut.

On the plus side, it will be easier to direct members and even the public to our individual state pages. This will be useful to direct others to see missions (assuming your state is properly submitting missions to the site), and to contact the state captain.

These pages are open to the public, and do not require a login. This is a very fast way to see upcoming missions for a state, and to find contact information.

As can happen with any change like this, you may run into some “broken links” on the site. If you do, just Email PGR Operations, and we’ll get it fixed.

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