These are some of the more common questions about logging in to the website.

Go to and select the Password tab. You will be prompted for an email address (or username), and a link to change your password will be sent to you.

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The Members option only shows to logged in members.

If you are a member, use the Login/Join menu option to log in, or go to

If you are not a member, you can sign up by using the Login/Join menu option, then selecting the Ready to Join? Click here option. You can also go to

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User names can only be changed by the system admins. To have your username changed, send an email to

When you send your request, it’s a good idea to send 2 or 3 different choices. Usernames must be unique, and if your choice is already taken, we can’t change it.

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PGR members should always access the PGR store from the main website. As a member, you should log in to the main website using your password and either your PGR username or email address. When selecting the PGR Store menu option, you will not be prompted for a password or username. If you are, then please send an email to the accounts team at , and they will reset your store access.

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The website is “responsive”, meaning the screen will adjust for mobile devices. For those devices that have small screens, such as phones or smaller tablets, the menu options will show as a “hamburger button” (displayed as ), to better enable the options to fit on the device.

Pressing the top blue icon will open the menu option that will display the login screen. Much like your full screen device, you can select an option to remember your login, saving you from having log in each time you access the site on your mobile device.

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The platform we used for the website since 2013 (vBulletin 4.xx) is being discontinued. We were in a bind because many of the plugins we were using (most notably the forms plugin that handles our missions) are no longer being supported. This means that would could not update the backend scripting files or the backend database.

Failure to do some of these updates would leave the website open to security problems, but doing them would break required functionality of the system. In short, it was an unsupportable situation, and we had to make a change.

We made the decision to use the most widely used and support platform instead – WordPress. While it entails some major changes, we are confident that this is the best move for the organization.


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The standard method to view missions for a particular state is slightly different for members and non-members.

    • If you are logged in as a member, select the menu option Members -> Upcoming Missions
    • If you are not logged in as a member, select the menu option Upcoming Missions

After the menu calendar loads, select the State for your state under Narrow Your Results at the top of the page. However; this can be a little slow, especially if it’s toward the end of the month and there are lot of missions to display.

There are some faster methods.

State Pages

If you are not a member of the PGR, you can see all of our state pages by selecting the menu option About Us -> State and Regional Leadership. This will take you to a page that lists all of our regions, with links for the states within those regions.

If you are a registered member, it’s even simpler. When you first log in to the website, scroll down the page just a little, and underneath blue bar with membership information, you’ll see an option to click on a link for your Home State Page. Select that, and you’re in.

You can also access the page (along with an explanation about the state pages) through the menu option Members -> State Missions.

Create a Bookmark

Many members and visitors to the site choose to make a bookmark to view missions. You can navigate to a state page using the options listed above, or you can view the Upcoming Missions calendar, filter for the state you wish to view using the State option, and then save that view as a bookmark in the browser you are using.

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The passwords the system sends are randomly generated, and yeah, sometimes they’re a little cryptic.

However, it’s pretty easy to change to something easier. Log in using either your email address or your username along with the new password (they’re case sensitive). Once you’re logged in, select the Members menu option, then Update Profile. From there, you can change your password, change information in your profile, or upload/change a photo for your profile.

But… you can’t do all three at once. The profile page is divided into three entry sections (and one help section). Each entry section has their own button to save. Complete only one section and save it before moving on to any of the others.

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The short answer is we couldn’t copy them over. The quick solution is request a password reset. Click on the Login/Join option in the top right menu. When the login screen comes up, select the Forgot Password option.

And now the longer explanation. The change to our new website involved a platform change (we moved from vBulletin to WordPress). Both the old platform and the new used encrypted passwords, which meant we couldn’t transfer those to the new system. If all else fails, you can email the account team at and they will help you out.

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